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Encouraging eye cont...

Encouraging eye contact

Sometimes, children with speech sound difficulties tend to give slightly less eye contact.  This means that they don’t look as much at other people when they are talking.  This is not always the case, but I have often had parents comment on it.  Certainly, when I am doing speech sound therapy, I spend a lot […]

Talking about the holid...

Talking about the holidays

We are half way through the summer holidays here in the UK.  I love the summer break and we have actually had some great weather this year.  Just yesterday, my son and I went pond dipping and had a lovely walk (with an ice-cream) along the canal.  Even if you haven’t been on a big […]

Supporting children with unclear spe...

Supporting children with unclear speech

Unfortunately, due to a very high volume of enquiries, we are not able to send details to any more enquirers.  If you have already received an application form, please do return it.  Otherwise, we are closed for now.  However, do watch this space for news of the final course when it is released! Do you […]

10 outdoor games to develop speech and language ski...

10 outdoor games to develop speech and language skills

It’s the summer holidays, we’ve had a bit of sunshine and the kids want to play outside.  Sometimes, with speech and language work, it’s easy to give the impression that children need to be indoors, sitting still and doing something paper-based.  This is not true!  There are so many ways to incorporate speech and language […]

The best toys for early language developm...

The best toys for early language development

I have recently been working with a number of younger children.  As speech therapists we are regularly contacted by families seeking reassurance and assessment for their 2 year old who isn’t talking yet.  One question that often comes up is “What toys or games will help my child?”. There are so many toys available for babies […]

Visual timetab...

Visual timetables

Many children who have speech and language difficulties benefit from using pictures, signs and other visuals to support their communication skills.  Visual timetables are very frequently recommended.  But who are these useful for and how do you use them? Who benefits from a visual timetable These are most often used for children on the autistic […]

Rhyming Bus giveaw...

Rhyming Bus giveaway!

On Tuesday, Elizabeth wrote about rhyme.  If you missed it, you can read that post here.  In it, she mentioned a lovely app from Therapy Box called Rhyming Bus.  We have previously reviewed this app – you can read the review here. Therapy Box have kindly offered us 5 copies of this app to giveaway! […]

Rhyme – advice and id...

Rhyme – advice and ideas

Phonological awareness is a key skill in developing a child’s speech and reading skills.  Check out Helen’s post about it here.  As Helen said, phonological awareness includes a range of skills, including rhyme, but they all involve the ability to hear and discriminate sounds in words.  Many of these skills are needed before a child starts to read […]

12 word games for travell...

12 word games for travelling

It’s almost the end of the school year!  We may be still waiting for the sun to come out in the UK, but lots of us are winding down for the end of term and getting ready to go away!  Whether you are at home or away during the school summer break, you are likely […]

How to use Dinosaurs in Speech Thera...

How to use Dinosaurs in Speech Therapy!

Roar!  I love dinosaurs and so do many of the children I work with!  I was excited when they were included in the Key Stage 1 curriculum – what a great engaging topic!  It never ceases to amaze me, the quantity and detail of information children can retain about dinosaurs, even if it’s not all […]

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