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Is it making a difference? Is my child making progre...

Is it making a difference? Is my child making progress?

If your child is receiving therapy, or you have been practising something at home, how do you know if it’s working?  It can be hard when you are with your child every day to notice the small changes that happen and  it can feel really disheartening if you think nothing is changing.  So here are some ideas […]

Therapy box app review and GIVEA...

Therapy box app review and GIVEAWAY

Here at SpeechblogUK, we really like the Therapy box apps.  We have reviewed a few of their apps before.  You can read our reviews of the minimal pairs app, Sort it out and ChatAble. Today we are going to talk about their two new apps – Rhyming Bus and Phonics Keyboard.  We were lucky enough to be provided […]

What will happen at my child’s assessment appointm...

What will happen at my child’s assessment appointment

So, your child has been referred to speech and language therapy, and they have finally reached the top of the waiting list.  Hurrah!  What happens next?  You will very likely receive an assessment appointment.  Some departments have other ways of doing their initial contact, either through some sort of parent information session, or through a […]

Parenting a child with communication difficult...

Parenting a child with communication difficulties

Today, we’re delighted to be featuring a guest blog post from Lucy Sanctuary.  We reviewed some of her fab books a while ago (you can read that review here).  Lucy has also recently started her own blog which is brilliant – do follow this link and check it out.  This post first appeared there, but […]

Narrative – The whole sto...

Narrative – The whole story!

Helen and I have been writing  a series of posts about using narrative therapy.  If you haven’t read those yet I recommend that you go and have a look first.  Today I am going to write about bringing all the story elements together and using whole stories in your therapy.  I really love this bit […]

Orchard Toys – Farmyard heads and ta...

Orchard Toys – Farmyard heads and tails

The fantastic Orchard toys have released some new games.  You can read my review of Robot Run here. Very kindly they also sent us a copy of one of their other new games –Farmyard heads and tails – which I am going to review today.  I was given a copy of the game, but the […]

Orchard Toys app rev...

Orchard Toys app review

We love Orchard Toys and have reviewed lots of their games (look out for another game review later this week too!)  So, we were really excited when we found out that they have released their first app!  I was provided with a copy of the app for free, but the views are my own. This […]

Working on prediction ski...

Working on prediction skills

Helen recently wrote about working on inferencing skills. You can read her post here. Today I am going to write about prediction skills. You are likely to see inferencing and prediction skills spoken about together and there are similarities between them.  It is also highly likely that if you find one hard, you will also […]

How to support a child with birthday part...

How to support a child with birthday parties

The last week has been a bit of a blur, as I was organising my daughter’s birthday party which was on Saturday!  Maybe there are people out there who can manage to do this without it taking over your whole week?!  If so, hats off from me!  There always seems to be so much to […]

Top 10 games for a travelling therap...

Top 10 games for a travelling therapist

I work with children between the ages of 2 and 11 years old and we work on a range of targets.  I may see an eleven year old and work on higher level language skills and inferencing, my next child may need to practise using the k sound and then I might be working on […]


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