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How to help children learn and genera...

How to help children learn and generalise sounds
When teaching a sound in therapy, there are a number of things therapists do to help support the child.  Equally, when you are helping a child generalise a sound into their speech at home or in the classroom, there are ways to help as well. Today I’m going to talk about cueing. Now this is not the sort of queuing we British insist on in shop [...]

7 tips to encourage confident communi...

7 tips to encourage confident communication.
Many children I work with are very confident communicators even though their speech is not clear or they struggle to get across what they want to say.  This is great to see and helps to reduce their frustration.  For some children however, the speech or language problem has a real knock-on impact on their confidence in situations where they n [...]

How to use a … jigsaw puzzle

How to use a … jigsaw puzzle
Helen and I have a series of posts about how to use everyday toys to promote and work on language targets.  I love finding new toys and thinking about how I can use them in therapy! You can read our other posts about how to use a ball, a box, a train, bubbles and a teddy. You can get so many different jigsaw puzzles that they provide a very [...]

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions
Happy New Year everyone!  Hope you had a lovely break over Christmas and the New Year! New Year is a time for making resolutions about what you want to change over the next year.  I have to say that, like many people, I’m not too good at sticking to resolutions and I usually find they have fallen by the wayside by about January 10th.  Last ye [...]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
‘Twas the night before Christmas’ – well, very nearly!  We do hope you and your families are enjoying the Christmas build up, however you celebrate.  Today’s post is just a short one as I’m off to see Father Christmas with Jack this afternoon!  Helen and I will be taking a break from blogging until the New Year, [...]

What’s in your Early Interventi...

What’s in your Early Intervention bag? linky
We’re taking a little break from Christmassy posts this week – partly because I’m sure, like me, you all have Christmas overload, and partly because I spotted this linky from Kristin Cummings and thought it would be nice to join in as it’s a really useful topic – what’s in your Early Intervention therapy bag? I’m taking Early Intervention to [...]

How to make school plays special need...

How to make school plays special needs friendly
Helen found this great article on how to make school plays deaf friendly from the NDCS.  So we thought we would write about how to make plays and assemblies more accessible for children with speech and language difficulties.  Every child should be included; you just might to think laterally about a few things! Don’t assume they can’t take p [...]

Tips for expanding language at Christ...

Tips for expanding language at Christmas
Our latest post is up on Special Needs Jungle.  The topic is – Tips for expanding language at Christmas.  The first half of the post gives tips and ideas for children who have difficulties with change and find Christmas difficult.  The second half of the post gives tips for expanding language through Christmas activities.  You can check [...]

How to use… a box

How to use… a box
How’s your Christmas shopping going?  Better than mine, I hope!  I always refuse to think about it until December and then panic that I will never get it done in time!…  Whatever is on your Christmas shopping list this year, I can pretty much guarantee that something you will end up with in the house on Christmas Day is empty boxes!  An [...]

Christmas Surprises – A review!

Christmas Surprises – A review!
With Christmas only 31 days away (eek!), we thought we would start getting in the Christmas spirit with a Christmas toy review!  Orchard Toys very kindly sent us a copy of their new game – Christmas Surprises to review.  Although I was provided with a free copy of the game, the review and opinions are my own. This game is designed for [...]

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