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Cued Articulation

Cued Articulation
What is Cued Articulation? Both Helen and I are massive fans of Jane Passy’s Cued Articulation.  If you haven’t come across this before you can learn more about the system from Jane’s website.  Cued Articulation is a signing system for all of the sounds used in English.  All 49 phonemes have their own hand sign, showing wher [...]

Pizza, Pizza! game review

Pizza, Pizza! game review
Helen and I have been given some great resources to review over the Easter Holidays – lucky us!  Helen reviewed the fab Orchard Toys games – Frog party and Match and Spell earlier in the week.   You can read that review here.  Today I am going to review another of Orchard Toys new games - Pizza, Pizza! This game targets colour an [...]

Frog Party and Match and Spell game r...

Frog Party and Match and Spell game reviews
As Elizabeth mentioned earlier in the week, we have been sent some lovely stuff to review.  Our giveaway for the Key Verbs app is still open for a few more days – we have 6 copies to give away!  Do click the link to read the review and enter the giveaway! Today, I’m going to review two more great games from Orchard Toys.  We talk [...]

Key Verbs – review and giveaway

Key Verbs – review and giveaway
We do hope everyone enjoyed the Easter break and didn’t eat too many chocolate eggs!  Helen and I have been very lucky and have been given some apps and resources to review, so keep you eyes peeled over the next two weeks and we will let you know what we think of them! Today, I am reviewing Key Verbs – with Steffy and James by La [...]

Teaching children about months and se...

Teaching children about months and seasons
We changed the clocks on Saturday night and now it’s officially British Summer Time.  It will be Easter next weekend, and that must mean it’s spring.  Yet I had my winter coat on today!… Time concepts are very difficult for many children to grasp, especially children with language difficulties.  The vocabulary for the season [...]

Before there are words….

Before there are words….
I speak to many parents of younger child who are worried about when those ‘first words’ will come.  We are often asked when a child should start to talk and how many words they should have by what age.  But it is really important to remember that communicating is much more than words.  So before there are words, here are other sig [...]

101 games to practise speech sounds P...

101 games to practise speech sounds Part 2
We published the first part of this post earlier in the week and it has been really popular.  In case you missed it, you can check it out here. Here are some more ideas of games to play to practise speech sounds.  Firstly, some children really don’t like looking at picture cards.  Our first set of game and activity ideas are great for t [...]

101 games to play to practise speech ...

101 games to play to practise speech sounds
Well, maybe not quite 101, but lots!… If your child or a child you are working with is having speech sound therapy, it won’t take you long to realise that there is a lot of repetitive practise involved!  It’s very likely that at some point you’ll be given a set of pictures or a particular sound or set of words to practise with your chil [...]

Squirrel Story and Peter and the Cat ...

Squirrel Story and Peter and the Cat assessments – a review
I think every UK SLT has heard of Black Sheep Press.  They are a staple of every clinic room! If you haven’t seen the fantastic resources they produce, go and check out their website here.  Helen and I will be writing soon about some of our favourite resources from Black Sheep Press. But today, I’m going to review the 2 narrative [...]

Using cueing to support children̵...

Using cueing to support children’s language
A few weeks ago, Elizabeth posted about different ways that speech therapists use cueing to help children with speech sound difficulties.  We can also use cues to support children with comprehension and expressive language difficulties as well.  We thought it would be useful to share some of these here too.  As I planned this post, I realised [...]

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