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My frustration with the EHCP proc...

My frustration with the EHCP process

Urgh!  I have spent quite a few hours this weekend writing reports to be submitted as part of the EHCP process.  I know this is a relatively new system, but I have been writing this type of report for over a decade now.  I do know what I am doing! So why did I find […]

Social stor...

Social stories

We talk a lot about using visual strategies to support language skills.  We have talked about other visual strategies in the past – see this post about why visuals help, this post about signing, a handout on the freebies page, and this post about visual timetables.  Today, I’m going to talk about social stories.  This is […]

listening to sounds in wo...

listening to sounds in words

We have written a series of posts about phonological awareness. This is the ability to hear and tell the difference between sounds both in isolation and in words.  You can read our other posts about listening to sounds, rhyme and syllables. Once a child can tell the difference between two sounds consistently, you can move on to […]

Phonics spelling dictionary – app rev...

Phonics spelling dictionary – app review

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to be sent a free copy of the app Phonics Spelling Dictionary by Skoodal/ Therapy Box.  I was sent a copy of the app for free, but the opinions contained within this review are my own. This app features Biff, Chip and Kipper, who will be familiar […]

5 things I wish I had known as an ...

5 things I wish I had known as an NQP

Helen recently found this article from the Dabbling Speechie. Felice wrote about 5 mistakes you make in your first year.  So we thought we would continue this idea and think of the 5 things we wished we had known when starting work as a speech and language therapist. We both started work for the NHS.  […]



This is part of a series of posts on phonological awareness (listening to sounds).  This is a really important skill when working on speech sounds.  You can read our other posts on auditory discrimination and rhyming.   Today I’m going to focus on identifying the number of syllables in a word. Syllables are the parts […]

How to use toy animals in ther...

How to use toy animals in therapy

When I see new toys I am always thinking of how I can use them in therapy.  I love looking in the supermarkets and toy shops to see what is on offer! You can use nearly any toy in therapy, you just need to know what you are targeting. So today I am going to talk […]

I Can Do a...

I Can Do apps

It is no secret that Elizabeth and I love using our iPads with children.  Today I thought I would share one of my favourite app companies with you – I Can Do apps.  They make a range of speech therapy apps, all of which are really useful, but today I’m just going to talk about […]

Encouraging eye cont...

Encouraging eye contact

Sometimes, children with speech sound difficulties tend to give slightly less eye contact.  This means that they don’t look as much at other people when they are talking.  This is not always the case, but I have often had parents comment on it.  Certainly, when I am doing speech sound therapy, I spend a lot […]

Talking about the holid...

Talking about the holidays

We are half way through the summer holidays here in the UK.  I love the summer break and we have actually had some great weather this year.  Just yesterday, my son and I went pond dipping and had a lovely walk (with an ice-cream) along the canal.  Even if you haven’t been on a big […]

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