Speech sound ther...

Speech sound therapy

Helen’s post last week talked about which sounds your child should be saying and when.  If you haven’t seen that post you can read it here. So today, I am going to talk about what we actually do to help a child make and use those sounds. Before I start, please remember if you are concerned […]

What speech sounds should my child be able to s...

What speech sounds should my child be able to say?

I’ll be honest – we’ve been putting off writing this post.  Speech sounds are something we work with all day every day and we are constantly making judgements about whether a child’s speech clarity is within the average range or not.  However, it’s difficult to summarize it in a post like this.  I know it’s […]

Top 10 Apps for 7-11 year o...

Top 10 Apps for 7-11 year olds

Have you seen Helen’s post from last week? Our Top 10 apps for 4-7 year olds. It has certainly proved to be very popular! We were going to save this post looking at apps for 7-11 year olds for later in the year, but as it is obviously a popular topic, we thought we would […]

Top 10 apps for 4-7 year o...

Top 10 apps for 4-7 year olds

This post is in response to a question I have been asked quite frequently by schools recently.  “We have bought some iPads for the school (or SEN department).  What apps should we get that we can use with lots of different children?”  This is our guide to the best and most versatile apps for Infant […]

Download our Freebi...

Download our Freebies!

Have you seen our freebie page? Helen and I have made a range of handouts that you can download for free. Comprehension. Our first handout gives general advice on how to support a child’s understanding of language.  The advice is general, but there should be something useful for all ages. Expression.  As with the comprehension […]

Top 10 posts of 2...

Top 10 posts of 2015

Hi everyone!  Happy new year from Elizabeth and me!  Hope you all had a lovely break over Christmas! One thing I always enjoy at the end of the year is that we get a report sent through by WordPress giving us some of our statistics for the blog over the last year.  In 2015 we […]

Merry Christm...

Merry Christmas!

Well, we are nearly there.  Three more sleeps! Are you ready? I think I am, but that probably means I’ve forgotten something! Just to help get you in the Christmas spirit, Helen and I thought we would do a quick round up of some of our Christmas posts. Advent calendars and language skills.  Helen gave […]

Top 10 websites for speech and language ther...

Top 10 websites for speech and language therapy

There is so much information available online these days.  Pretty much anything that you choose to put into a search engine will bring up a huge number of hits.  However, we all know that just because something is on the internet, it doesn’t mean that it’s good information.  Today, I thought I’d share with you […]

Top 10 resource books for Speech Therapi...

Top 10 resource books for Speech Therapists

If you are thinking about your Christmas SLT wish list, we thought we would give you some ideas.  So today, here are my top 10 resource books. Please note this post contains amazon affiliate links – click on the pictures for more information. In no particular order:- Rhodes to Language I LOVE this book.  I […]

Teaching adjecti...

Teaching adjectives

Adjectives are really important words in a sentence.  For example, think about these three sentences: The man took a walk through the forest. The old man took a long walk through the dark forest. The elderly man took a meandering walk through the gloomy forest. The first sentence makes sense but the adjectives (describing words) […]

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