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Easter Therapy Ideas

Easter Therapy Ideas
With Easter just around the corner and some fantastic ideas out there, we thought we would have an Easter therapy ideas round up this week! Colour matching eggs I found this idea via pinterest from pink and green mama.  A simple idea that can target both comprehension and expression of colours and at a simpler level, colour matching. You c [...]

Keyword Understanding: App review

Keyword Understanding:  App review
As Elizabeth mentioned on Monday, we have been fortunate enough to be sent quite a few things to review and we thought the school Easter holidays might be a good time to share them with you.  Today, I’m going to tell you about the app Keyword Understanding by Aptus Speech and Language Therapy.  This app usually sells for £7.99 but it [...]

Pirate Race Game review

Pirate Race Game review
Helen and I have been very fortunate and have some great resources and apps to review.  So now it’s the Easter holidays and people may even have a little money to spend with the new tax year, we thought we would blog about some of them! Helen recently reviewed one of Orchard toys new games – Rockets and comets.  I was lucky enough to receive [...]

You know you’re an SLT and a pa...

You know you’re an SLT and a parent when…
A few weeks ago, my daughter wanted to play “teaching children to talk”!  She had one of her teddies and said that he couldn’t talk and what could we do.  I suggested teaching him to sign, but she said “don’t be silly mummy.  Get my doctor’s set and I’ll give him some medicine!”  If she is ever able to develop this medicine, we’ll bottle [...]

Understanding Key Words

Understanding Key Words
When Speech and Language Therapists assess younger children’s understanding of language, we often refer to ‘Key words’ or ‘Information Carrying Words – ICW’s’.  ICW’s is a term originally used by the Derbyshire Language Scheme, 1982, Knowles, W and Masidlover, M. Both of these terms refer to the number of words you need to understand to foll [...]

Rockets and Comets game review

Rockets and Comets game review
Elizabeth and I were fortunate enough to be sent some more games by Orchard Toys to review.  We love these games and you can see our previous reviews of Pigs in Pants, Slug in a Jug and Dominoes here.  I travel around to all my clients, so my resources tend to get a little battered after a while.  These games are perfect for carrying around, [...]

Special Numbers review and giveaway

Special Numbers review and giveaway
A while ago, Helen and I were contacted by Special iApps and asked if we would review their apps.  They very kindly gave Helen and I copies of the apps to review and have also offered to give some away through our blog! However the views expressed are my own. Special iApps is a non-profit organisation who aim to help children learn and also [...]

When and how to access speech and lan...

When and how to access speech and language therapy
Our latest column on Special Needs Jungle is up today.  This time my topic is when and how to refer to speech and language therapy.  You can check the post out here.  Do let us know what you think, either here or over there.

The challenge of learning new vocabul...

The challenge of learning new vocabulary by Helen
I had a real life experience of vocabulary learning this week.  We have been musing for a while on the idea of changing this little blog into a self-hosted blog to give us the opportunity to do more with it.  I may have lost some of you already?…. Having decided that now was the time to do this, we set about investigating what we nee [...]

Top tips …..for attention and l...

Top tips …..for attention and listening by Elizabeth
Attention and listening skills are incredibly important as they underpin all learning.  If you aren’t listening, you won’t hear all the words and you may not get the whole message.  If you aren’t paying attention it also makes learning very hard.  We have written about how speech therapists talk about attention and listening skills in report [...]

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