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Help! My toddler isn’t talking...

Help!  My toddler isn’t talking.
One of the things I most commonly get asked about is children who are slow to start talking. I have written about this before, but I felt like there was quite a bit more to say on the topic, so I thought I’d tackle it again. How many words should my child be using? Just like walking, potty training, learning to read and every other developme [...]

Working speech and language targets i...

Working speech and language targets into daily routines: a trip to the park.
It was Helen who told me about Carrie Clark’s podcasts and website – Speech and Language Kids. I have just downloaded all the podcasts and have been listening to them whilst driving between appointments!  The podcasts are FANTASTIC!! Go and listen to them. Even as an experienced therapist, Carrie has ideas that I hadn’t tried before. She is v [...]

iSequences app review

iSequences app review
Last week Elizabeth shared one of her favourite apps. Today, I thought I’d share with you one of mine. This is one of the first apps I bought and I still use it all the time – it’s great. The best thing is that it works on areas of language which I never feel I have enough resources for – story sequencing, prediction and emotions. iSequences [...]

Speech Stickers – an app review

Speech Stickers – an app review
Helen and I love finding new iPad apps.  When I first bought my iPad, the children (and I) were so excited we would spend whole sessions using it!  However, I now see it as another tool in my ‘speech bag’.  It is often offered as a reward – well the child sees it as a reward, I am still working on their targets! Or I have a specific app [...]

How to use… a car or train

How to use…  a car or train
Cars and trains are hugely popular toys! Many children love them, and for some, it can be difficult to get them to play with anything else if there is a car or train in sight! The clinic I used to work in had a train track in the waiting room. This was great, but sometimes it could make it a challenge to get children to actually leave the wai [...]

Top Tips….. for verbs

Top Tips….. for verbs
As speech therapists, we spend much of our time talking about, thinking about and using words.  Vocabulary is so important when encouraging a child’s language skills; whether you are waiting for those words, or trying to improve sentences for SATS test, a good vocabulary is key. Verbs are one of the main building blocks in a sentence.  They a [...]

Auditory memory strategies

Auditory memory strategies
Memory is a complex thing and has been the subject of lots of research. We all find some types of information easier to remember than others. Some people are great at remembering faces, others seem to have an almost inexhaustible capacity to remember dates. I’m sure most people reading this can identify things they find quite easy to remember [...]

Taking the mystery out of assessments...

Taking the mystery out of assessments: CELF 4 – Part 2
Last week, Helen started writing about formal assessments and in particular the CELF-4 (Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals – 4).  You can read that post here.  This assessment is one of the most widely used assessments in the UK, particularly when gathering information for Statements (or EHCP’s) or to decide if children meet the cr [...]

Taking the mystery out of assessments...

Taking the mystery out of assessments: CELF-4
Recently, I have been given quite a few reports about children on my caseload which have been written by other professionals – Occupational Therapists, Educational Psychologists and Specialist Dyslexia Teachers for example. It’s always really useful to read these to get a better picture of a child and incorporate ideas and suggestions into my [...]

Strategies to support expressive lang...

Strategies to support expressive language
Today, our latest post on Special Needs Jungle has been posted.  The topic is Strategies to support expressive language.  Click on the picture below to pop over and check it out. This is the last of a series of posts we’ve done over there on supporting children with speech and language difficulties – you can also read Nine Princi [...]

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