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52 Fun Activities for Speech and Lan...


Today’s blog post is a review of an e-book written by Alex Trichilo.  Alex is an Australian speech and language therapist and has a fantastic blog called The SpeeL which you should definitely check out.  It’s full of great ideas and advice for parents, teachers and speech and language therapists and has some lovely handouts […]

Narrative Therapy: What happened?!

Narrative Therapy: What happened?!

So here is the next in our series on Narrative Therapy.  If you haven’t seen the others it might be an idea to have a look first!  You can read about the introduction, who/character, where and when.  Then today I am going to concentrate on what happened. This is main part of the story. You […]

Podcasts for speech and language ther...

Podcasts for speech and language therapists

As a travelling therapist, I spend a lot of time in my car, driving between appointments.  This can get a bit frustrating sometimes and feels like a lot of time is wasted, when I could be writing notes, or making resources or seeing children, or anything more productive than driving really!  However, I’ve found a […]

Minecraft in Speech Therapy?!

Minecraft in Speech Therapy?!

So, Minecraft!!  Have you heard of it?  Do your children constantly talk about it?  Are you a bit confused by what all the fuss is about?  If you aren’t interested in computer games and don’t have people in your household who are, it might all seem a bit baffling.  But I find it useful to […]

Narrative therapy: When

Narrative therapy: When

This is the next in our series of posts about narrative therapy.  You can see the introduction, Part 1 – Who/character and Part 2 – Where/setting by clicking on the links.  Today we are talking about the “when” or time of stories. Talking about the time in a story is important as part of setting […]

Working speech and language targets i...

Working speech and language targets into daily routines: a trip to the beach

The summer holidays have already arrived for some, and for others are only a day or so away – HOORAY!  One thing many parents have asked me this week is how can we keep working on speech and language skills over the 6 week break? So we thought we would continue with our series – […]

Which professionals will see my child...

Which professionals will see my child?

When you have a child with a speech and language difficulty (or any other kind of additional need for that matter) you can start to come across a confusing array of different professionals who all advise on different things.  Does your child need to see all these people?  Is there anyone who may be able […]

Narrative Therapy – Where

Narrative Therapy – Where

This is the third post in our series on narrative therapy. If you haven’t read the others you might want to go and have a quick look first! Read the introduction here and ideas for teaching who here. Helen did mention that the order you work through the questions may alter between younger and older […]

Teaching emotion words

Teaching emotion words

We all struggle to talk about how we feel.  It’s complicated and often difficult to find the words that most clearly express what we want to say.  This is even more difficult for children, and especially children with language difficulties.  There are so many words to describe feelings and they often have subtly different meanings […]

Games to improve auditory memory

Games to improve auditory memory

Our auditory memory is our ability to retain and recall information we hear.  It allows us to process and understand longer, more complex instructions, attend and listen and acquire new information.  Children with reduced auditory memory can find it very challenging to follow instructions and retain learning.  Helen wrote about memory and strategies to support auditory […]


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