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Before there are words….

Before there are words….
I speak to many parents of younger child who are worried about when those ‘first words’ will come.  We are often asked when a child should start to talk and how many words they should have by what age.  But it is really important to remember that communicating is much more than words.  So before there are words, here are other sig [...]

101 games to practise speech sounds P...

101 games to practise speech sounds Part 2
We published the first part of this post earlier in the week and it has been really popular.  In case you missed it, you can check it out here. Here are some more ideas of games to play to practise speech sounds.  Firstly, some children really don’t like looking at picture cards.  Our first set of game and activity ideas are great for t [...]

101 games to play to practise speech ...

101 games to play to practise speech sounds
Well, maybe not quite 101, but lots!… If your child or a child you are working with is having speech sound therapy, it won’t take you long to realise that there is a lot of repetitive practise involved!  It’s very likely that at some point you’ll be given a set of pictures or a particular sound or set of words to practise with your chil [...]

Squirrel Story and Peter and the Cat ...

Squirrel Story and Peter and the Cat assessments – a review
I think every UK SLT has heard of Black Sheep Press.  They are a staple of every clinic room! If you haven’t seen the fantastic resources they produce, go and check out their website here.  Helen and I will be writing soon about some of our favourite resources from Black Sheep Press. But today, I’m going to review the 2 narrative [...]

Using cueing to support children̵...

Using cueing to support children’s language
A few weeks ago, Elizabeth posted about different ways that speech therapists use cueing to help children with speech sound difficulties.  We can also use cues to support children with comprehension and expressive language difficulties as well.  We thought it would be useful to share some of these here too.  As I planned this post, I realised [...]

Mikey’s Wish – verbal dys...

Mikey’s Wish – verbal dyspraxia awareness
Children can have speech sound problems for all sorts of reasons.  Sometimes these can be resolved fairly quickly, but for others, they need speech therapy over a very long period of time.  One cause of severe speech sound problems is verbal dyspraxia (known in most other countries as Childhood Apraxia of Speech).  It’s a diagnosis that [...]

How to support children… on sch...

How to support children… on school trips.
Helen and I are starting a new series of posts about how to support children with speech and language or special needs.  We talk about the types of modifications that can make a real difference for these children and hopefully for the adults as well!  You can read about how to support children in school plays here and how to support children [...]

Questions to ask on school visits

Questions to ask on school visits
Our latest post for Special Needs Jungle went up today.  The post is about what questions to ask when you visit schools, especially if your child has special educational needs. You can read it here. If you find the post useful we have created a hand out with all the questions on.  If my technical skills are working today, hopefully you just n [...]

Help! My toddler isn’t talking ...

Help! My toddler isn’t talking – Part 3
We started a series of posts a while ago on encouraging your toddler to talk.  You can read the first two posts here and here.  In the last post, I talked about trying to reduce the number of questions that you ask and commenting on what your child does instead. How long should these comments be? This is really going to depend on what level [...]

How to teach conjunctions to older ch...

How to teach conjunctions to older children
So, conjunctions…  Technically a conjunction is an invariable grammatical particle, and it may or may not stand between the items it conjoins. (That takes me back to my linguistic lectures!!)  You might call them conjunctions or connectives, but what we are talking about are those clever little words that link ideas and sentences togeth [...]

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