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Using cueing to support children̵...

Using cueing to support children’s language
A few weeks ago, Elizabeth posted about different ways that speech therapists use cueing to help children with speech sound difficulties.  We can also use cues to support children with comprehension and expressive language difficulties as well.  We thought it would be useful to share some of these here too.  As I planned this post, I realised [...]

Mikey’s Wish – verbal dys...

Mikey’s Wish – verbal dyspraxia awareness
Children can have speech sound problems for all sorts of reasons.  Sometimes these can be resolved fairly quickly, but for others, they need speech therapy over a very long period of time.  One cause of severe speech sound problems is verbal dyspraxia (known in most other countries as Childhood Apraxia of Speech).  It’s a diagnosis that [...]

How to support children… on sch...

How to support children… on school trips.
Helen and I are starting a new series of posts about how to support children with speech and language or special needs.  We talk about the types of modifications that can make a real difference for these children and hopefully for the adults as well!  You can read about how to support children in school plays here and how to support children [...]

Questions to ask on school visits

Questions to ask on school visits
Our latest post for Special Needs Jungle went up today.  The post is about what questions to ask when you visit schools, especially if your child has special educational needs. You can read it here. If you find the post useful we have created a hand out with all the questions on.  If my technical skills are working today, hopefully you just n [...]

Help! My toddler isn’t talking ...

Help! My toddler isn’t talking – Part 3
We started a series of posts a while ago on encouraging your toddler to talk.  You can read the first two posts here and here.  In the last post, I talked about trying to reduce the number of questions that you ask and commenting on what your child does instead. How long should these comments be? This is really going to depend on what level [...]

How to teach conjunctions to older ch...

How to teach conjunctions to older children
So, conjunctions…  Technically a conjunction is an invariable grammatical particle, and it may or may not stand between the items it conjoins. (That takes me back to my linguistic lectures!!)  You might call them conjunctions or connectives, but what we are talking about are those clever little words that link ideas and sentences togeth [...]

How to support children with language...

How to support children with language difficulties in exams
Exams are a reality for every child going through education.  Things have changed a lot in recent years and a lot is done through teacher assessment and coursework, but sooner or later, everyone has to pass an exam.  This is a stressful situation for any student, but a child with a language difficulty has even more difficulties to overcome in [...]

How to help children learn and genera...

How to help children learn and generalise sounds
When teaching a sound in therapy, there are a number of things therapists do to help support the child.  Equally, when you are helping a child generalise a sound into their speech at home or in the classroom, there are ways to help as well. Today I’m going to talk about cueing. Now this is not the sort of queuing we British insist on in shop [...]

7 tips to encourage confident communi...

7 tips to encourage confident communication.
Many children I work with are very confident communicators even though their speech is not clear or they struggle to get across what they want to say.  This is great to see and helps to reduce their frustration.  For some children however, the speech or language problem has a real knock-on impact on their confidence in situations where they n [...]

How to use a … jigsaw puzzle

How to use a … jigsaw puzzle
Helen and I have a series of posts about how to use everyday toys to promote and work on language targets.  I love finding new toys and thinking about how I can use them in therapy! You can read our other posts about how to use a ball, a box, a train, bubbles and a teddy. You can get so many different jigsaw puzzles that they provide a very [...]

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