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Teaching emotion words

Teaching emotion words

We all struggle to talk about how we feel.  It’s complicated and often difficult to find the words that most clearly express what we want to say.  This is even more difficult for children, and especially children with language difficulties.  There are so many words to describe feelings and they often have subtly different meanings […]

Games to improve auditory memory

Games to improve auditory memory

Our auditory memory is our ability to retain and recall information we hear.  It allows us to process and understand longer, more complex instructions, attend and listen and acquire new information.  Children with reduced auditory memory can find it very challenging to follow instructions and retain learning.  Helen wrote about memory and strategies to support auditory […]

Narrative therapy – who

Narrative therapy – who

A little while ago, Elizabeth posted an introduction to narrative therapy – what it is, why it’s important and some suggested resources to help work on these skills.  You can read that post here.  There, she talks specifically about the Black Sheep narrative packs. These packs use a particular framework for teaching narrative. Who? Where? […]

How to be a terrific TA!

How to be a terrific TA!

One of the parts of my job that I really enjoy is working with a range of different people, in different settings and of different professions. I truly believe that multidisciplinary working is the way forward for both children and professionals. I was talking through a programme with a particularly fantastic TA in one of […]

How to support a child with starting ...

How to support a child with starting school

At this time of year, the summer holidays are in sight!  All my sessions start getting moved around to accommodate school trips, exams and transition days.  As I remember from last year, if you have a child in their preschool year, you start to realise that starting school really is only a couple of months […]

Opinions – Having them and talk...

Opinions – Having them and talking about them!

We have started a series of posts looking at high level language skills. As children get older, language and its demands become more sophisticated.  It is often around Junior school age that these more subtle language difficulties can become apparent.  You can read Helen’s post about understanding and supporting words with multiple meanings here. Today, […]

Help! My toddler isn’t talking....

Help! My toddler isn’t talking.  Part 4

We started a series of posts a while ago on encouraging your toddler to talk.  You can read the first three posts here, here and here.  I have talked about usual language development, what to expect at your speech therapy assessment and some strategies to help your child, such as reducing the number of questions […]

Narrative Therapy

Narrative Therapy

What is narrative therapy? When we talk about ‘narrative’, we are referring to the ability to tell a story or series of events with precision and clarity. For younger children this will happen verbally, but it also transfers to written work for older children. This is a very complex skill that requires remembering what happened, […]

How to support a child… at brea...

How to support a child… at break times

The classroom can be a confusing place for a child with language difficulties.  However, sometimes the playground can be even more confusing.   Many children who have speech and language difficulties (though by no means all) also have difficulties with social interaction.  The lack of structure at break times especially, can be a real challenge […]

Taking the mystery out of assessments...

Taking the mystery out of assessments: ACE

I’m very busy at the moment writing annual review reports and hopefully explaining what all my assessments mean.  So we thought it would be helpful to talk about the assessments we use and what the children have to do. In the UK, there are a few, main standardised assessments that Speech Therapists use. Particularly once […]


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