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Top 10 useful tools for a speech therapi...

Top 10 useful tools for a speech therapist.

What tools do you really need when you are working as a speech and language therapist? We have written before about resources, games and assessment, but what are the other go-to things we use day in and day out?  These are the bits you find out about along the way, and that I find myself […]

Using stacking robots in ther...

Using stacking robots in therapy

Today I’m going to talk about one of my favourite toys.  I bought my first set of these about 5 years’ ago (they recently had to be replaced) and I’ve also bought them as birthday presents for quite a few birthday parties that my daughter has been invited to!  Some toys or games I buy, […]

k photo ca...

k photo cards

We have just published a set of 108 photo picture cards for the “c/k” sound.  We chose this sound as it is probably the one that we work on most often in therapy – some children find it tricky to get the hang of these sounds which are made with the back part of your […]

How to use nerf guns in speech thera...

How to use nerf guns in speech therapy!

Love them or hate them, a number of young boys (and girls) LOVE nerf guns.  I know my young man does!  I understand that some families don’t allow toy guns or nerf guns and if so this post won’t be for you.  However, if you have some foam/dart/nerf guns, here are some ideas about using them in […]

Top tips for building rapport with child...

Top tips for building rapport with children

When I was a newly qualified therapist, there was so much to think about whenever I assessed a child – which assessment to use, transcribing speech correctly, asking the right questions in the case history, making the right decision about what to do next!…  But there is one aspect of doing an assessment which is […]

Tips for setting up in independent pract...

Tips for setting up in independent practise

Both Helen and I started our careers in the NHS before moving to independent practise.  It was after finishing my maternity leave, that I started to work independently as well.  Although being in charge of the money aspect was always a little worrying, the flexibility that it offers a working parent is great.  You can read more […]

How to teach negati...

How to teach negatives

Negatives are a really important thing to understand and always a high priority for me to target if a child is struggling with them.  If you don’t know that there’s a difference between “push” and “don’t push” you can immediately see that it can lead to all sorts of problems! The first thing to do […]

Making therapy f...

Making therapy fun!

Nobody wants to keep doing something they know they struggle with.  Children are no different.  Therapy and practise can take a while and we really need to keep the child motivated.  It is important to keep sessions positive and fun. So when you are planning your sessions or thinking about how to help a child, remember to […]

Supporting children with unclear speech train...

Supporting children with unclear speech training

Helen and I have been very busy creating our first online training course and it is very nearly finished!  We are really pleased with it.  From our work with nursery/ school staff and parents we know there are many people out there who are looking for training, especially to help children with unclear speech.  We […]

Working together with other therapi...

Working together with other therapists

In today’s blog post we’re welcoming a guest contributor, Gemma Moore.  Gemma works for the NHS in Portsmouth and is a specialist in hearing impairment.  Gemma and I have written this post together. There are various reasons why more than one therapist may end up working with a child.  We’re not going to go into […]

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