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How to teach negati...

How to teach negatives

Negatives are a really important thing to understand and always a high priority for me to target if a child is struggling with them.  If you don’t know that there’s a difference between “push” and “don’t push” you can immediately see that it can lead to all sorts of problems! The first thing to do […]

Making therapy f...

Making therapy fun!

Nobody wants to keep doing something they know they struggle with.  Children are no different.  Therapy and practise can take a while and we really need to keep the child motivated.  It is important to keep sessions positive and fun. So when you are planning your sessions or thinking about how to help a child, remember to […]

Supporting children with unclear speech train...

Supporting children with unclear speech training

Helen and I have been very busy creating our first online training course and it is very nearly finished!  We are really pleased with it.  From our work with nursery/ school staff and parents we know there are many people out there who are looking for training, especially to help children with unclear speech.  We […]

Working together with other therapi...

Working together with other therapists

In today’s blog post we’re welcoming a guest contributor, Gemma Moore.  Gemma works for the NHS in Portsmouth and is a specialist in hearing impairment.  Gemma and I have written this post together. There are various reasons why more than one therapist may end up working with a child.  We’re not going to go into […]

Irregular past tense verbs – Ideas on how to teach t...

Irregular past tense verbs – Ideas on how to teach them

Before Christmas, Helen wrote a post about teaching children to use the regular past tense.  Once the child has mastered this, the next fun step is all the irregular verbs!  As with nearly all grammatical rules in English there are always exceptions.  We didn’t ‘blowed’ out the candles on the birthday cake yesterday we didn’t ‘sleeped’ and […]

How to have conversations with children with unclear spe...

How to have conversations with children with unclear speech

Before I get into the subject of the post today, I just wanted to let you know that we have created a new free e-book called “How to support a child with speech sound difficulties”.  To get it, you just need to sign up and join our mailing list.  Click here or on the link […]

Top 10 posts of 2...

Top 10 posts of 2016

Happy New Year!  Whatever you thought of 2016, it is now over.  At this time of year, Helen and I like to look over our most popular posts.  Interestingly there are some posts that remain popular every year, but there are some new ones in our Top 10 as well. What speech sounds should my […]

Tips for talking to children with language difficulties about their school ...

Tips for talking to children with language difficulties about their school day

Our latest column for Special Needs Jungle was published yesterday, and it’s a topic I think will interest a lot of people.  Do your children tell you about what has happened at school?  Most don’t really.  It can be even more challenging to get any information if your child has language difficulties.  There are some […]

20 stocking fillers for speech and langua...

20 stocking fillers for speech and language.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?  If not, this post may be for you!  I often get asked for Christmas present ideas of things which will help support speech and language skills.  So here are 20 ideas of stocking fillers.  I’ve tried to keep them both small and fairly inexpensive.  Most of them are […]

Why and how to talk to your b...

Why and how to talk to your baby

We talk a lot here about how to communicate with toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children to help develop their language skills.  However, the building blocks of language start developing right from the earliest days of a child’s life.  Children understand language before they can use it, and even though most children are not saying words […]

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